During these financially challenging times, I’ve been thinking again about living with open hands. That boy in John 6:1-15 (and Matthew 14:13-21), the one who gave his “bag lunch” to Jesus, did a remarkable thing. I wonder why he trusted Jesus enough to let go of his lunch. That must have been hard, but I’m glad he did. I bet he was, too. After all, he got an all-you-can-eat buffet out of it, as did the entire crowd that day who had come to hear Jesus teach. Jesus turned his little bag lunch into an abundance. God still loves to do that. He still does exceptional things to meet exceptional needs. And He loves to use people (us) in the process.

Human cooperation linked with God’s power can be amazing. When we hold the “little” we have in open hands to let God use it as He sees fit, special things happen. Needs get met. Wounds get healed. Mediocrity gets replaced with excellence. Lives get changed.

What Do I Have to Share?

Do you have something, however little or seemingly unimportant, which Jesus asks you to give to Him to help others? Have you put your time, talents, and treasure in open hands as an offering to Jesus? Like He did on that incredible day using the boy’s lunch to feed a multitude, Jesus might ask you to use what you have in your hands to meet an impossible situation, believing that because He adds His creative power to your human obedience, He will use you to address spiritual and human needs around you.

When you are confronted with a need, do you say, “Oh, send them home. We can’t do anything about it.”? That was the disciples’ initial reaction to the large, hungry crowd. “Oh, I can’t change that…” Or do you come to Him with what you have and obey His command, “You give them something to eat.” Jesus wants us to use what we have and trust Him. It’s like He’s saying, “You take this on; I’ll put the stamp of eternity on your work so that my purpose in having you here is fulfilled.”

The temptation will always be there to hoard what we have–to hold onto the little we’ve got, especially in this season of greater uncertainty and increased economic anxiety. Yet when we give it up to God, He does things we can’t do on our own. Do you have a “bag lunch” that He is waiting for you to offer to Him?